Mike Leske

Generative AI

As a Customer Engineer at ML6 and a member of the Labs unit, Mike is positioned in between the Sales Department and the ML Engineers to efficiently evaluate use case feasibility and translate customer requirements into development lingo.

Mike is an experienced engineer with an end-to-end architecture view looking to drive the adoption of AI/ML techniques and principles in core industry processes and customer-centric use cases. He is excited about a diverse set of AI subdomains including computer vision, NLP, optimization, reinforcement learning, and nature-inspired algorithms.

Before joining ML6, Mike worked for 12 years at Cisco Systems with a broad pan-European customer portfolio. As a Technical Leader at Cisco, he developed a strong background in cloud technologies and IT automation.

Mike also holds a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence where he focused on the
application of Machine Learning techniques in the Bioinformatics domain.

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