Lisa Becker

Voice & Sound
Natural language processing

Meet Lisa, a machine learning engineer who specialises in natural language processing (NLP). With a focus on delivering end-to-end solutions for small and big client projects, Lisa has worked on numerous projects involving keyword extraction, clustering, named entity recognition, speech-to-text, speech conversion, and more. She is also an active member of the NLP chapter and constantly keeps up to date with new papers and technologies to build demos and write insightful blog posts.

Lisa founded and led a working group on audio and speech, which has been instrumental in building internal knowledge on the subject to research. Her educational background includes a bachelor's degree in general theoretical linguistics and a master's in cognitive systems from the University of Potsdam in Germany. Her master's thesis, which she completed as an intern at ML6, was on the development of the "intelligent illustrator," a text-guided Image-to-Image translator based on GANs. Lisa submitted her thesis just a few weeks before similar multimodal models like Dall-E were first published. You can read more about her thesis and internship on her blog.

Lisa's minor in philosophy and involvement in the ethics unit make her an integral part of developing ethical standards for internal and client projects at ML6. She is also a regular participant in assessing the ethical risks of new use cases.

In addition to her expertise in machine learning, Lisa is also a passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She believes that a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters creativity, innovation, and better business outcomes. She is also a certified yoga instructor and gives classes as well as empowerment workshops inside and outside ML6 like #IAmRemarkable from Google, which focuses on helping women and underrepresented groups to promote themselves in the workplace and beyond. Her dedication to wellness and personal growth is reflected in everything she does, both professionally and personally.

When she's not working, Lisa is an active member of the tech community and frequently speaks at local meetups and larger conferences such as ML Con Munich and the Chaos Communication Congress. She is also a co-host for community events at women.code(be).

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