Florentijn Degroote

Computer vision
Natural language processing
Structured Data

Florentijn started working at ML6 as a Machine Learning Engineer just before the COVID pandemic broke out and is now one of our squad leads. Over the course of the past years, He’s been responsible for implementing robust, scalable and fit-for-purpose implementations that solve customer’s problems. He has delivered projects within the realm of NLP, causality, and computer vision on edge devices (see CNHi case study for an example).

Florentijn is a versatile person by nature and has made an impact doing functional and presales work on numerous projects. He’s also supported our sales unit for over half a year, building bridges between the technical and sales teams. Florentijn is currently taking up the role as squad lead, overseeing planning of his peers and enabling their growth. As a squad lead, he is also providing a clear line of communication between his squad and the rest of ML6.

Florentijn has been featured as a speaker in both internal as well as external events, including the Google Cloud for Retail webinar and as keynote speaker at the Planet Talent's AI webinar. He graduated summa cum laude as both industrial automation engineer and master of AI at KU Leuven. He was also part of the first batch to ever receive the Machine Learning Engineer certificate by Google Cloud. 

For those interested in the combination of robotics and AI, Florentijn is the author of a scientific article summarising the research he conducted which enabled human-robot interaction with AI.

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