Workshop 2020 achievements of the Belgian startups, scaleups & SMEs AI ecosystem | AI4Belgium
March 18, 2021

Workshop 2020 achievements of the Belgian startups, scaleups & SMEs AI ecosystem | AI4Belgium

AI Strategy
Mixing insights from several industry experts and interactive panel sessions, this event will aim at putting the spotlight on (recent) past and future achievements of the Belgian startups, scaleups & SMEs AI ecosystem.
Focus will be placed on the most recent trends observed, and on the specific questions of internationalisation and productization of AI services.



10:40 : AI in Belgium: recent trends and activities: presentations of B12, Kantify, Python predictions and Dataroots

11:00 : Panel discussion

11:20 : Internationalisation of AI services and products, presentations of ML6 and Eura Nova

11:30 : Panel discussion

11:40 : Productising AI, presentations of Sagacify, Robovision, Faktion and Radix

12:00 : Panel discussion


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Julie Scherpenseel

As Strategy Officer at ML6, Julie focuses on strategy and growing the company fast and sustainably. She works closely with internal teams and strategic clients to improve key capabilities. She also leads the internal Ethical workgroup that stays on top of the latest evolutions in the field and integrates best practices in ML6’s way of working.

Julie has been featured as a speaker in multiple events covering topics from practical applications of Machine Learning to the ethical implications of AI. She was the youngest member of the AI Expert Group in Belgium, advising the Government on the development and execution of a Belgian AI Strategy and was elected as Young ICT Lady of the Year 2020 by Datanews.

Julie started her career at Accenture Digital, working as a trusted advisor in AI Strategy & Operating Models for high-profile companies and facilitating the coordination and delivery of large-scale transformation programs across multiple industries and countries. With her deep expertise both in the business & technical domain, she loves to ideate and share insights into how applying Machine Learning can result in unparalleled opportunities for companies and society as a whole.

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