Mirror Of Erised
January 1, 2020

Mirror Of Erised

Computer Vision


During the last christmas project we built a smart mirror platform, complete with a basic set of implementations such as people recognition and google voice assistant. We used an existing open source project to implement our features (https://github.com/MichMich/MagicMirror). The hardware is fully functional and is an open canvas for impressive software implementations.

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Problem Statement

The final goal of this project consists of various milestones:

1. Solidify the facial recognition module on the existing MagicMirror setup

2. Integrate a mechanism to switch profiles, based on the detected ML6 employee

A possible solution here is to have a separate database with an employee configuration, and a backend API which can interface with this database, and with which the MagicMirror can interface

3. Define and integrate a mechanism to onboard new, previously unseen, ML6 employees

4. Asses an appropriate candidate 3rd party library within the ML6 software ecosystem to integrate with

To allow potential use case such as

  • Employee goes home at the end of the day
  • He or she passes by the mirror
  • The mirror provides him or her information on his or her train schedule, based on the registered home city
  • The mirror provides the employee with a notification that his timesheets are incomplete

5. Create demo mode for conventions by implementing cool showcases on anonymous persons like the google vision API detecting your mood.

6. Badge detection for all ML6 employees + stranger alerts !

Extension possibilities

Based on the previously defined milestones, a large number of interesting extensions can be developed, such as:

  • The employee can fill-in his timesheets through a voice-guided assistant, integrated with the magic mirror
  • ML6 has purchased a Leap Motion Controller (link) which could be integrated with the MagicMirror platform
  • Etc.

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