From community to maffia: How we foster innovation after ML6
September 16, 2021
Kaat Van Doren

From community to maffia: How we foster innovation after ML6

Human Resources
A story about a community of colleagues passing by Sicily and becoming part of a maffia group.

At work you make friends for life. A sentence that you either totally agree with or you totally do not understand at all. Depending on the relationship you have with your colleagues you will like to meet them after your working hours or not. The company’s culture has a big impact and influence on this.

Starting at the ML6 community

We want to accelerate our ML6 agents by providing more learning opportunities, more career paths, more room to experiment and more personal growth. This means offering fun & challenging roles for everyone: whether it’s being able to grow technically, grow in management, problem solving skills, strategic thinkers or even as entrepreneurs. So we highly invest in our ML6 agents as individuals and as a group, a community.

But we do not stop there, there is life after ML6 as well, this means that people evolve from the ML6 community to the ML6 Maffia, our alumni network. The people that once were our coworkers, colleagues, mentors, peers are also friends for life. Therefore we invest in building & leveraging this relationship based on our shared passion for technology. This means that we stay personally in touch with each other and keep transferring knowledge in both directions.

Passing by Sicilian Maffia

Let’s start with the origin of maffia. It’s a group of people that are involved in similar activities. This is exactly what we do within ML6, based on that common passion for technology. We can transfer the idea of maffia from the sicilian origin to the business scene. Meaning that a loose group of people are our employees, our ML6 agents. They have a similar activity, namely accelerating intelligence. And lastly we will help each other in the collaboration for our customers.

Ending at the ML6 Maffia

Taking it a bit further in the business scene brings us to the Netlog maffia, PayPall maffia and so on. These are groups of people from the same former company that are now involved in different other innovative initiatives. If we look at our own former ML6 agents we are proud to see where they are today.

As said before ML6 gives more development opportunities, this means that we personally sit with people together to see what’s next for them. This resulted in the start of other new spin-offs or collaborations before and we happily share our ML6 maffia network with you. Through our unique combination of People, Technology and Customers, we will continue to accelerate the career of our ML6 agents so we can invest in our ML6 maffia network.

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