Do values really represent a company’s culture? How our agents define the DNA of ML6
July 15, 2021
Kaat Van Doren

Do values really represent a company’s culture? How our agents define the DNA of ML6

Human Resources

When we start talking to potential customers or employees, we often get asked what sets us apart from other companies. This is when we start talking about the ML6 DNA. Every ML6 agent knows what it is and especially knows how it feels, but still it is and will remain a difficult concept to explain.

What is exactly that DNA that not only differentiates ML6 but also defines us?

We thought it was time to explain this concept using examples and thus asked our HR Business Partner, Kaat van Doren, to give you some more insight into this.

What is the ML6 DNA ?

The ML6 DNA is a certain mindset that we see in our agents. The best way to explain this mindset is through our monthly award that we give out, namely the ML6'y of the month. This award is always given to someone who, according to their colleagues, has taken certain actions and therefore has shown a very strong ML6 DNA. There are six categories in which someone can be elected by their colleagues.

Bring out the best in others

First of all we have Frederic. He is one of the colleagues who is already there from the early times. He has a unique background since he moved within the company from our Delivery team to Labs to the Sales unit. This affects him fully understanding the ML6 way of working. He has a complete view on the organization and happily shares spotted improvements or opportunities with colleagues to help them grow. In this way Fred brings out the best in others.

Take ownership

Next up we have Thomas. He is an ML engineer and our NLP chapter lead. Next to his amazing technical skills he has a high impact on ML6. Every Friday we have a weekly meeting where we all get together to celebrate the end of the week. Thomas decided to take the ownership of this weekly meeting. He now hosts it every week and makes it a lot of fun. We have different topics as wins/fails of the week, new tech of the week and sales BFF of the week, but also every week a timely topic. The weekly is something we all look forward to thanks to him.

Excellence in delivery

Jonas was nominated for ML6’y of the month by his whole squad as a token of appreciation by his colleagues. He is someone who strives for excellence in Delivery. He gave for example a talk at the chapter conference where you could clearly see that he put a lot of effort into. But he also helped to organise our Netflix movie night with our community unit.

Do Good

Another ML6y colleague is Caroline. She worked very intensively on the ethics subject and took this to the next level. By working out a clear framework for the colleagues that we can use hands on and even translating this to offerings to our clients. Ethical AI is a rising topic and thanks to Caroline we can take this up as a company and do good.

Doing rather than talking

Barbara joined ML6 this year in our finance unit and she does it all. Starting a new role is challenging but she really owns it. She follows everything up very closely, is very hands on and is always enthusiastic with a big smile. Barbara does this by taking action and doing rather than talking and results in people being happy to collaborate with her.

Passion for technology

Lastly I could nominate all my colleagues for ML6y of the month based on their passion for technology. We’re all tech savvy, hungry for information and love to experiment with new technology. Sharing this strength makes sure we can keep on lightning-fast!

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