Saroléa Motorcycles: Battery Life Optimization
February 4, 2021

Saroléa Motorcycles: Battery Life Optimization

Machine learning

Saroléa Motorcycles

Saroléa is an automotive engineering company, specialised in the development of high-performance electric vehicles.

The Challenge

Performance and autonomy are extremely important to the commercial success of any electric vehicle. Saroléa develop high-performance electric vehicles with their flagships being their electric superbikes: the MANX7 and the recent N60. These bikes are equipped with the latest in technology, including high frequency sensors and Saroléa’s own vehicle control unit which has recorded a massive amount of data over the course of several years. Saroléa want to leverage this data to optimize their bikes, and ultimately to offer this as an add-on package for the vehicle control unit.

The Solution

ML6 and Saroléa started to implement machine learning on the Saroléa superbikes in 2018, with the initial focus on improving battery performance. To this extent, the vast sets of historical battery data were leveraged to create models for battery response prediction that ultimately estimate the state of charge, health and remaining range of the batteries.


These battery response models are being used to better estimate the behaviour of the battery under certain conditions and, ultimately, to optimize the control loops. Operational gains are still to be determined but initial results are encouraging.

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