AI: From Research to Industry - Keynote Robbe Sneyders | AI4Belgium
March 16, 2021
Robbe Sneyders

AI: From Research to Industry - Keynote Robbe Sneyders | AI4Belgium

AI Strategy
AI research has boomed in the past few years and is pushing the state of the art at an incredible pace. Every month new models are released that offer drastic improvements over existing ones. While these improved models open up a range of new possibilities, they only start providing real value once they can be applied in the industry. This is the main challenge companies working with AI are facing today. In this session, Robbe will talk about how to tackle this challenge and shorten the cycle from research to industry.

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Robbe Sneyders

As Head of Delivery at ML6, Robbe leads the technical team and is responsible for the succesfull delivery of our projects. He ensures we provide our clients with the right expertise at the righ ttime, provides close support on some of our key projects and helps deliver our projects with increased speed and quality by expanding our ML6 tech stack & tooling.

Before taking up his role as Head of Delivery, Robbe worked as an ML Engineer and Senior ML Engineer for 3 years at ML6. During this time, he built a wide knowledge spanning across domains and now considers himself a machine learning generalist. While he can hold his own in discussions about any of our focus domains, he especially has deep knowledge about representation learning, recommender systems, and search engines. Next to this, he’s also a recognized Google Cloud Architect.‍

Robbe loves to share his knowledge both internally and externally. He’s an organizer and regular speaker on the Belgian TF Meetup, and has been featured as a speaker on TF meetups, Google Cloud meetups, and other events across Europe. He’s a big fan of open source and likes to contribute to his favorite tools. His largest contributions have been on Apache Beam, one of our go-to data processing tools at ML6.


Julie Scherpenseel

As Strategy Officer at ML6, Julie focuses on strategy and growing the company fast and sustainably. She works closely with internal teams and strategic clients to improve key capabilities. She also leads the internal Ethical workgroup that stays on top of the latest evolutions in the field and integrates best practices in ML6’s way of working.

Julie has been featured as a speaker in multiple events covering topics from practical applications of Machine Learning to the ethical implications of AI. She was the youngest member of the AI Expert Group in Belgium, advising the Government on the development and execution of a Belgian AI Strategy and was elected as Young ICT Lady of the Year 2020 by Datanews.

Julie started her career at Accenture Digital, working as a trusted advisor in AI Strategy & Operating Models for high-profile companies and facilitating the coordination and delivery of large-scale transformation programs across multiple industries and countries. With her deep expertise both in the business & technical domain, she loves to ideate and share insights into how applying Machine Learning can result in unparalleled opportunities for companies and society as a whole.

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