Machine Learning Engineer - Ghent

Being a Machine Learning Engineer at ML6 means you consider yourself as a healthy mix between a machine learning expert, a software engineer, a researcher, and a hacker!

Your role

You will mostly work with TensorFlow and Python to solve hard Machine Learning tasks and help to put these in production. As Premier Google Cloud Service Partner, ML6 has a very strong relationship with Google, providing you options to collaborate with Googlers and alpha test a lot of their latest ML tools.  

We work across a broad range of application domains, which allows you to have a healthy mix of tasks to pick from.

With(in) your team you will:

  • Efficiently translate customer business needs into end-to-end technical solutions
  • Use Python to deploy production ready pipelines and ML models on Google Cloud
  • Keep up with and apply state of the art ML research



  • Work or educational experience in software development
  • Work or educational experience with Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.
  • Experience with Python
  • You have a master’s degree or PhD in computer science or related field
  • Being able to work autonomous and take ownership
  • Ability to provide expert advice to non-technical staff and clients, excellent verbal and written communication in English.
  • Linux


  • Version control (Git)
  • Contribution to open source projects