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We provide access to our team of experts to help nonprofits solve problems with AI.

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The reason

At ML6, “do good” is one of our core values

With our ML6 for Good program we aim to help charitable organizations accelerate their efforts to solve critical global issues, by using AI and our expertise so that nonprofits can have access to the same cutting-edge AI solutions that businesses do.


Our ML6 for Good program provides nonprofit organizations with access to our services “pro bono”

By doing so, we can employ our skills for the greater societal and environmental good and we can provide nonprofits with access to the same cutting-edge AI solutions that businesses do.

What type of projects are we looking for?

We are only providing these services for qualified nonprofit and social good organizations.
We are looking for projects that have an impact on the community.
Ideally, you have a well-framed AI problem. Think about a compelling challenge that has a certain event or number you can study. Think about how you can use data to address your problem.
Implementing an AI solution can be difficult. Ensure that you have the capacity and support from leadership to make the project successful.

Our approach

Step 1

Zoom in on multiple domains of the organization and trigger tangible ideas in small groups.

Step 2

Our team will reach out to discuss your idea. This to ensure you have a relevant problem that can be solved with AI and have sufficient data. Don’t worry - if you’re not there yet we’ll give pointers on how to ideate on other use cases or how to collect that data!

Step 3

After we discussed your idea, and we’ve selected your project, we will start working out an action plan.
Together we will then start working on bringing your organization business value with AI and Machine Learning.

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