[ On demand ] Information Session: the upcoming EU AI Regulation





On April 21st 2021, the European Commission published its proposal on horizontal AI regulation. But what does that mean for you? When will this regulation be implemented? What actions should you take?

In this information session on the upcoming EU AI Regulation, expert Jelle Hoedemaekers explains what the publication of the AI regulation means for organizations working with AI. He briefly points out the scope and main points in the regulation and clarifies the timeline and next steps at a regulatory level. 

Jelle Hoedemaerkers - AI regulation expert

Jelle is an expert in AI Regulation. He works as ICT Normalisation expert at Agoria, where he is focused on the standardisation and regulation of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Within Agoria he also works on policies surrounding new technologies. Jelle also co-leads the AI4belgium work group on Ethics and Law, which looks at the ethical and juridical implications of AI on the Belgian ecosystem.


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