Making traditional production machines smart with AI

Artificial intelligence can be a game-changer when it comes to optimising manufacturing processes, reducing downtimes and waste, and increasing yield, among others.

In this whitepaper, we explain why it is vital for companies in this industry to invest now in machine learning solutions by exploring four real life industry use cases.

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Today's challenges

Change is on the horizon because smart or intelligent machines have become increasingly crucial in executing production processes. Training machine learning algorithms on computer vision techniques and/or data from sensors allows to build AI solutions which can monitor whether the production process is running smoothly.

Increase yield and reduce raw material consumption

Improve energy efficiency, decrease waste & emission

Optimise the existing processes through data driven planning

Whitepaper : Making traditional production machines smart with Artificial Intelligence

The enormous added value created by artificial intelligence is best illustrated by examples of our solutions for making your traditional production machines smart with artificial intelligence.

The value of using artificial intelligence to make your production machines smart and improve your processes include: increased yield and reduced raw material consumption, improved energy efficiency, decreased waste & emission, and optimising the existing processes through better planning of the processing of raw materials, water consumption, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The cost efficiency is optimised, and the ESG factors - Environmental, Societal and Governance - the three central factors in measuring a company's sustainability - are taken into account and positively assessed. In addition, smart machines ensure quality and increase the adaptability of production capacity to handle new products or apply further process steps. 

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