AI Value Acceleration Track

The AI Value Acceleration track is ML6’ approach to identify & prove value for the right AI initiatives for your business.

In this track, we ideate together to identify the right AI initiatives for your business, we evaluate them from a business, functional and technical perspective and work towards building an AI roadmap of most valuable use cases to implement to prove the potential early on and build momentum.


The reason

From experience across industries, we have recognized the need to first prove the value of AI

In order to allow internal stakeholders to discover first hand the potential AI can have in their use case and win buy-in for larger AI projects.

Identifying the right ideas

Ideas that solve essential business challenges & building a first solution is the first step towards realizing the full potential of AI in a company.

We recognize that every company is unique

From the level of AI maturity to specific business challenges, and see the need for a targeted and collaborative approach.


Our unique approach

In our guided track, we support our clients from ideation, to the assessment and prioritization of potential use cases, and all the way to an AI roadmap.

Leveraging our proven ML6 methodology, we bring all perspectives together - combining domain and process knowledge from our clients with our own ML6 expertise, AI research and cross-industry insights.

We focus on core business objectives and solutions that have the potential to bring high business value - from proven technology to market leading tech innovation, depending on where your organisation currently is in your AI journey

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Understand & shape ideas

Prioritize ideas & select POCs

Our clients

The businesses we’re working with and how we’re accelerating them

"ML6 helped us to build and deploy an intelligent matching engine that has the potential to have a big impact on our candidate and customer journey's. Hence also influencing our top and bottom line. "
Gunther Ghijsels
CIO (Randstad Belgium)
"MediaMarkt Saturn selected ML6 as the innovation partner for data analytics. We are convinced of their expertise in data, machine learning and Google Cloud. Their digital native mindset helps us gain speed and agility in implementing new technologies. "
Matthias Riepl
Chapter Lead, Data Engineering

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