AI Ethical Risk Assessment

Understanding and evaluating the ethical risks of an AI solution or idea

For organizations that want to implement AI in an ethical and secure way.

Create trust with customers & employees
Limit exposure to risks
Prepare for the EU AI regulation

We believe the full potential of an AI solution can only be achieved if customers, employees and society trust the solution. This requires the consideration of ethical and legal values in the design and development of the solution.
To do so, ML6 has developed a framework based on the EU Ethical guidelines for Trustworthy AI. We support others with our insights through our Ethical Risk Assessments.

How we can help

Get insights into the ethical risks of your project
Understand which mitigating actions you can take
Develop trustworthy AI applications

Our unique approach

During the engagement, we conduct selected interviews with business and technical experts from your side to get a clear picture of the goal and purpose of your AI solution and the technology used

Our ethical AI experts will then analyse the benefits and risks of your specific AI use case, along our proprietary framework

In a final report, we will elaborate on the high-risk dimensions of your specific solution and recommend potential actions to mitigate or limit these risks


In which case do you advise an assesment?

We currently see three potential scenarios for the need of such an assessment:

Do you have an idea for a new product or service that involves AI?

Are you not yet sure of the risks of this AI project and what to pay extra attention to during development? → Embed a risk assessment at the start of your project and incorporate considerations and mitigating actions from the get go

Did you already start building a solution?

Maybe getting close to deploying it for broader use, and want to build trust in your solution? → Show your customers as well as your employees that you are considering ethical implications and proactively address risks

Have you already deployed your AI solution?

but some specific concerns have been raised by customers or employees? → Let ML6 conduct an independent review and create the necessary documentation to help mitigate concerns and suggest ways to address risk areas.




incl. executive summary and recommended actions


for future assessments

Common understanding

of regulations, guidelines and best practices

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