AI Awareness

Create a common understanding of AI and its benefits

For organizations that struggle to adopt AI.

Educate your workforce to spot opportunities within the business
Convey the urgency of AI initiatives and their benefits for all
Create trust in the technology

We believe that creating awareness and a good understanding of AI concepts & terminology are the starting point of an organisation’s AI journey. It’s the basis for setting a clear direction, spotting opportunities within the business, and increasing the adoption of AI solutions.

How we can help

Educate C-level executives and board members on the benefits of investing in AI
Create a common understanding of what AI is, how it works and how it can be applied to your company
Bring practical Machine Learning knowledge into your company
Inspire and create trust within the broader organization with a compelling story

The reason

AI technology and data is creating substantial business value

It is crucial for companies to leverage innovative technologies and gain an early advantage over competitors by investing in the right capabilities.

However, grasping the essentials of AI is not that simple

Often we see a need for demystifying buzzwords and misconceptions, giving a simple overview of what AI and ML is and how it works, and showing with clear examples how it can be applied to create business value.

Awareness and understanding from various stakeholders is needed

To be able to spot opportunities and possible applications of AI within the business, collect the right data and know where and how to get started with AI.


Our approach

Each organisation and audience is unique

We tailor our Awareness Sessions to your specific needs and level of expertise. Our sessions can range from an easily-digestible introduction to help kickstart your first steps in AI, to a more technical deep-dive to refresh your knowledge on the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

We bring in the technical knowledge and experience

To help your organisation in your unique journey. Drawing from the latest insights from our applied research, to our practical understanding from conducting over 200 client use cases across industries, we can bring the best of ML6 to you

Explaining technical topics in an easy, fun way

this is what we’re best at. We want everyone to understand what AI/ML is and shed light on its possibilities and limitations - because we love to share our passion and help our clients succeed in their journey.

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